Restaurant Insurance

As a restaurant owner, you understand that you need numerous ingredients in order to operate a successful business. It is challenging enough to own a restaurant without needing to worry about food spoiling caused by equipment breaking down, customer or employee injuries onsite, or fire damage.

Restaurant insurance helps to protect you against the risks that restaurant owners face so that all of your focus can be on where it should be: your customers, your food, and to provide an amazing experience.

Good restaurant insurance will help reduce your restaurant being exposed to unnecessary risk and help to ensure that your restaurant is prepared to do business by providing you with all-in-one property insurance, business interruption insurance, vehicle insurance, worker’s comp, and liability insurance.

Who Needs To Have Restaurant Insurance Coverage in Ontario?

We provide insurance that covers all food service types of businesses, including:

  • Cafe Insurance
  • Bar Insurance
  • Catering Insurance
  • Cafeteria Insurance
  • Deli Insurance
  • Diner Insurance
  • Fast Food Insurance
  • Food Delivery Insurance
  • Lounge Insurance
  • Pizza Restaurant Insurance

Specialized coverages are required by some restaurants, and we can assist you in navigating the issues that the kind of business you own or want to start, face on a regular basis.

What does a restaurant insurance policy cover?

Typically there are three important areas for making a good restaurant insurance plan. The coverages include the following:

Business Owners Policy (BOP) protects restaurants with loss of income coverage, general liability property insurance, and more. It also might provide you with protection against financial liabilities and lawsuits that are the result of fire damage to your building, customers slipping and falling on a wet floor, or other business related risks and lawsuits.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance helps with covering medical expenses and part of the lost wages of employees who are injured or become sick while on the job.

Restaurant Vehicles might also need to be covered in certain situations.

Business Crime insurance provides protection against losses from both outside and inside your restaurant from forgery, robbery, and theft.

Worried about the expense?

Howden Brokers specializes in providing coverage for restaurants just like yours. One of the best reasons why you should not delay is the cost of restaurant insurance: you will not believe how affordable it is to ensure that your investment is protected.

We have everything that you need, including the following:

  • Monthly payment options that help with spreading your payments out so that you can manage your cash flow better
  • Coverage of independent contractors, full-time employees, and temporary staff
  • Claims responsiveness for when time is of the essence, particularly when there is an insurance claim
  • Customized coverage for the specific risk that your type of restaurant faces
  • Helpful agents, or simple and fast online quotes, immediate coverage
  • Coverage for events that satisfy a majority of standard event requirements
  • Knowledgeable agents who offer passionate, exceptional service

The Howden Brokers Difference

You might think you want to find the cheapest insurance possible, but you might realize you are not getting everything that you bargained for.

Although a majority of insurance products are similar in function and price, insurance providers are quite different when it comes to getting a policy structured that covers you.

In terms of your business, a one-size-fits-all insurance policy simply will not do.

We are neighbours of yours. We protect the people in Ontario that we care about and know, which means we are always searching for ways to better protect you, including being selective about the insurance companies that we represent to ensure they are both responsive and affordable.

Click on our quote request button so that the Howden Brokers professionals can help you build the strongest protection possible to safeguard everything that is important to you.