Cottage Insurance

Customizable Cottage Insurance Now Available In Ontario

A person’s cottage is a special place, don’t you think? The value goes well beyond any financial worth. It is a sanctuary, and you will do all you can to safeguard the place against any damage or danger.

To protect the cottage, start with a personalized, high-quality cottage insurance package from Howden Brokers – the most recognized professionals in seasonal home insurance for the Collingwood, GTA Toronto, Muskoka and North Ontario region.

As independent brokers with several years of experience in recreational property insurance, our team can build the cottage insurance package with the same type of care and attention you placed into locating, purchasing and furnishing your cottage.

Unlike a primary residence, cottages are typically utilized for different reasons. For instance, the building is used as regular retreats, during specific seasons, as a vacation location for family or friends, or as a potential rental to generate some additional income.

It is important to remember that cottages are subject to various risks, such as location, environmental factors, how the structure is heated, and even the materials used to build the cottage.

So, you cannot rely on a simple “off-the-shelf” cottage insurance package. Never let anyone tell you differently or you will not be adequately protected against dangers to the cottage.

The Howden Cottage Insurance Program

The difference between other policies and the Howden seasonal home insurance policy is that, similar to the cottage, it is built from the group up; thereby, drawing on a plethora of options to meet your specific insurance needs.

This type of customized package will cover all types of houses, including the standalone cottages, standard-construction houses, apartments, condominiums, cabins and other structures. Furthermore, it does not matter if the building is on a mountainside, aside a lake, in the country or on an island.

Howden’s insurance policies offer protection for docks, watercraft, swimming pools, wet boat housing, detached buildings and sheds. We can also provide additional protection for recreational vehicles.

Dependent on when and how the property is utilized and the scope of protection required, the cottage insurance can be added as a rider to the primary home insurance program. If you would rather focus on the cottage insurance, it can be a flexible and detailed standalone package covering various and different types of usage.

Our team at Howden Brokers will assist you in determining which policy is best for your needs.

The options available also include the following:

  • cottage insurance for the building providing protection against natural hazards, such as snow or fire damage
  • protection against theft or vandalism when the cottage is unoccupied
  • separate and special coverage for tenants when renting the cottage
  • coverage for damage to or theft of personal property and cottage contents
  • full replacement or current value cost protection
  • additional living expenses if you temporarily relocate after an insured event
  • use of recreational property insurance by US-based or out-of-province cottage owners

Why Howden Brokers for Cottage Insurance?

It is more beneficial to use Howden Brokers because you receive more than a simple basic service when applying for a cottage insurance policy. Our team of professional agents can answer questions and offer guidance on weatherizing, security and additional property risks.

Moreover, Howden Brokers is an independent insurance brokerage covering a large portion of the GTA Toronto and Northern Ontario region; we are not tied to a single insurer. We operate with various reputable insurance companies and are able to find the best insurance policy with the most suitable rates for your needs.

It is also possible for us to secure valuable discounts. For instance, if you own more than a single policy using the same insurance company, it is recommended that you utilize special security arrangements or are willing to opt for a higher deductible (the amount owed before the insurance cost must be paid).

If you add to this the support and customer service we offer, then you will find we offer a high-quality service. Our concierge support is available on a 24/7 basis providing individuals with a comprehensive approach to customer service.

Why Should You Act Now?

As is said above, some things exceed financial value. They are irreplaceable. However, for everything else, you need to have the most effective insurance policies for a seasonal home or cottage.

Believe it or not, you won’t need to shop around for the most suitable deals as we have already done the work. You do, however, need to purchase the policies as soon as possible for your own peace of mind and financial security.