Commercial Auto Insurance

Your company vehicles may not be the main source of income for your business. But they can become the primary method of losing money for your company. A great commercial auto insurance policy is essential to prevent overpaying for premiums while still being left under-insured. Business auto insurance in Ontario is quite different from personal auto insurance. In fact, there are multiple vehicles covered under commercial auto insurance and the liability from accidents could extend to your entire business.

That is why it is important to make sure that the coverage levels of your commercial vehicle insurance are high enough in order to protect your business from unnecessary claims. This is important to safeguard your business by adequately ensuring the commercial vehicles of your company.

Worried About the Costs?

There is no need to be worried since commercial vehicle insurance is quite inexpensive. That is why you should adequately ensure all your commercial vehicles – given the effects it will have on your entire business.

What Should You Ontario Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

In fact, Ontario business vehicle insurance covers all these risks:

  • Collision
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Liability
  • Uninsured motor vehicle

Why You Need A Comprehensive Coverage?

Employees of your company may most often drive to and from clients and vendors. On the other hand, you might have daily deliveries from your business. Errands are part and parcel of any modern business. Many business owners don’t seem to understand the risk involved in these types of commutes. A serious accident can cost you your entire business in a single moment. Such incidents have happened in the past and may occur in the future. That is why it is important that you be prepared to face such a challenging situation with the right type of commercial auto insurance.

What You Should Expect From Howden Brokers?

Business-related travel is quite risky at times. Accidents can occur and claims can be made at any time. A commercial auto insurance or business auto insurance is essential to protect the business owner under such circumstances. At Howden Brokers, you will talk to an expert in the field who will design the right policy that meets your business goals. Whether your business use vehicles on a regular basis, for the occasional run or you are just starting out, Howden Brokers can provide the best auto insurance policy to suit your needs.

A Quick Story

One business owner found out the hard way that it is best to ask an expert in case you don’t know the type of policy that is best suited for your business. The owner opened a vintage clothing boutique since she had a passion for fashion. The business boomed and expanded quickly and they were able to ship the garments to any part in the United States. She also started to deal with personal deliveries to locals. In fact, she purchased magnetic signs to stick on the personal vehicle to market her products.

She was making her regular Tuesday delivery when the vehicle backed into a young man on a bicycle. The victim was hospitalized overnight for monitoring. The claims adjuster called the shop owner the next day to inform that since she was performing a business transaction during the time of the accident, the claim won’t be covered by the current provider. The owner was stuck with a large medical bill and a letter of a lawsuit from the victim’s lawyer. In fact, she had to shut down her business to pay the damage.

Here Is The Only Question That You Need To Answer:

Are you willing to expose your income and personal property to such a high level of risk? If you answered “No” then Howden Brokers can come to your assistance.

The Howden Brokers Difference

Most people find the cheapest insurance on the market. But you may not get all the important covers in a cheap policy. Although most of the commercial auto insurance products are similar in price and function, the providers are different when it comes to devising the right policy to meet your individual needs. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to commercial auto insurance that suits your business.

We product the people we know and care about in Aurora. In fact, we are your neighbor. We look for ways of protecting you even better over time. We carefully choose the insurance companies that we represent. They are both affordable and responsive at the same time.

Make sure that you click on the quote request button below and let our experts help you with the strongest shield possible to safeguard your business.