Classic Car Insurance

You have the car you’ve always wanted. You’ve tweaked it to your specifications. Now you need to get an insurance policy that will protect this car so that all your hard work isn’t wasted. Don’t take a spin in your vehicle until you have the right coverage set up.

How It Works With Classics And Collectible Car Insurance in Ontario

You do not need the same type of coverage that a normal driver has in place. This is because collectable cars and classic vehicles have a different value than other automobiles that are on the road. These cars are typically older, which means they are often looked at as being worth less money than they are really worth. What that means is that if the car is damaged, you would have to pay to get anything fixed beyond what is covered through the insurance policy. That is why you need to be fully insured.

You worked hard on your vehicle and you are proud of it. We are pleased to have insurance available for classics and antiques, as well as restorations, replicas, reproductions and more.

It is important to remember that one policy isn’t right for every car, particularly when it comes to antiques and classics. This type of insurance is different than what you would normally buy because you are interested in protecting the collectable value of your vehicle.

Your car is unique. You made it that way. Similarly, you need to make sure that the insurance you purchase for the vehicle is unique as well. Think about what it is worth. Think about how far you will drive it each year. Think about your vehicle as a whole before you make decisions.

You aren’t going to be driving this car every place you go. Therefore, you only need coverage for the intended use of the vehicle. That means you should be able to get what you need at a price that makes sense for your budget.

How Do You Get Insurance For Your Collectible Or Classic?

We will put in an application for you. There is certain information that the insurance carrier will request. If a claim becomes necessary, the insurance carrier will already have what they need to get the process underway.

You can drive your car as much as you want. However, think through how often it will be on the road. The policy you get will be based on this.

Where are you going to keep your car? It needs to be someplace safe, like a locked garage. You could also rent a facility, like a barn, storage unit, or something similar. If you aren’t sure what to do, we can discuss it with you!

This isn’t the car that you likely drive on a daily basis. Therefore, you probably have another vehicle that you drive and that car needs to have insurance on it as well. Motorcycles do not fall under the category of a daily driver vehicle. Public transportation does not either.

What does your driving history look like? This will affect your insurance as well. Anything serious you’ve done in the past few years that resulted in a ticket, like speeding, driving under the influence, or driving recklessly, could make it harder for you to get a good rate on your insurance. In some cases, you may not able to get insurance at all. Small infractions typically don’t matter much, like a fender bender.

How We Can Help

Are you interested in getting the best possible rate on insurance? While money certainly matters, it isn’t the only factor, and you want to make sure that your vehicle has the right amount of coverage.

We care about you. We want you to have the best possible coverage and we want you to ultimately be happy with what you select.

Request a quote from us today. Let us help you get on the road and protect one of your most valuable possessions.