Builders Risk Insurance Ontario

Toronto / GTA Builder’s Risk Insurance With Top Ratings

A construction project is a huge undertaking. It gives you a thousand and one decisions and problems to worry about. There’s no room for the kind of setbacks your project could suffer if your property goes through fire, theft, vandalism, or other sorts of damage. These are risks you have to consider, though. They can be unbelievably costly.

Builders Risk insurance is a simple fix for these risks. This type of insurance delivers complete protection against all the major hazards that threaten your construction project. You can even customize your insurance with a number of specialized add-ons to precisely fit your specific needs.

For strong coverage delivered at competitive rates in North Ontario, Toronto, and the GTA, trust the experts on Howden Brokers’ Builders’ Risk Insurance team.

Our insurance program is built to protect you and give you the peace of mind you need to maintain your focus on your customers and day-to-day operations. You can rest assured that your construction project is completely protected against any and all hazards.

The Builders’ Risk Insurance Program At Howden Brokers

Our specialist team builds a customized Builders’ Risk package around your specific needs. This sort of coverage is also known as Contractors’ All Risks Insurance or Construction All Risks Insurance. We begin with coverage for standard risks including theft, fire, weather, vandalism, and explosions.

Your Builders’ Risk policy can also provide innovative coverage extensions. A partial list of examples:

  • Material losses in transit or from off-site storage
  • Debris removal accidents
  • Water damage (e.g. from sewer backup)
  • Loss of vital documents, such as blueprints, engineering specifications, or legal instruments
  • Emergency services (fire departments, EMTs, etc.) costs
  • Higher policy coverage limits
  • Coverage for hazards excluded from ordinary policies, like earthquakes or floods
  • Construction delays caused by third parties like material suppliers
  • Single-structure (“one-shot”) insurance

We provide insurance for both property owners and contractors. We can cover projects of any size and any value. If necessary, we can also produce separate, complementary policies covering separate insurance needs like equipment, work accidents, and professional liability.

The Howden Advantage

Howden Insurance Brokers delivers far more than the minimum requirements when you trust us to meet your Course of Construction insurance needs.

When you work with Howden, you get complete access to a team of 25+ experienced underwriters. We also provide cutting-edge technology so that you can quote, rate, issue, and manage your policies from virtually anywhere. Our software tools work with any browser and any device – both desktops and mobiles.

While we recommend that you create your own Builders’ Risk Insurance program at the beginning of your project, we’re also capable of assembling a program for you even if work is already underway. We always strive to complete your work as quickly as possible so that you get the protection you need without delay.

In addition to all these benefits, you’ll also enjoy the peerless customer service and support system that has earned Howden Brokers a stainless reputation as one of North Ontario’s finest speciality coverage providers.

The Howden service package includes premium payment options including direct and instalment billing.

Howden can help you with risk mitigation and regulatory compliance, including municipal code certification. The Howden team delivers professional expertise and round-the-clock concierge support to meet your needs at any time. This sort of comprehensive customer service approach is hard to find and impossible to beat.

Why Now Is The Right Time

Any good professional understands that the client’s needs come first. That’s certainly the way we work, and we’d like to help you do the same. Entrust your construction risks to Howden Brokers and focus your attention on your business.

You can start getting to know the Howden team without any expense or obligation. We’d be happy to explore your needs and answer all of your questions during a free consultation. Note that we can help with both single and multiple projects! Already have Builders’ Risk Insurance? We can still help you review your coverage and make sure you’re getting the protection you need.

Howden Brokers can be your best Contractors’ All Risks Insurance partners. Contact us now to learn what we can do for you.