Boat Insurance

If you’re like many individuals, hitting the water on your jet ski, or your boat or any other type of watercraft is probably one of your favourite past time activities. However, boat owners are at an increased risk for several liabilities. And, these even stand when you’re on dry land as well. Let’s ensure that your prized possession doesn’t sink if you run into unforeseen circumstances such as rough waters or crosswinds.

Boat Insurance Ontario РDoes Your Homeowner Policy Cover Your Boat?

Well, it just might. However, this sometimes only applies if your boat is parked in your driveway. It should be noted that a typical homeowner’s policy generally places several restrictions on the boat owning population, mainly depending on the size of your craft, as well as the horsepower and even the claim limit that you’re expecting.

With that said, it comes down to the fact that if you don’t have an insurance policy for your boat, you are underinsured. So, if you should sustain damages and as a result sink, lose control and even in the case where accidents happen because of your guests, you will surely be under-insured.

What Do You Need Ontario Boat Insurance For?

You should always keep in mind that you can’t purchase any type of insurance after an accident has taken place. So, you should think ahead, and carefully decide what position you would like to find yourself in should an accident or a sudden spring leak occur. To illustrate, think of your insurance as a shield, then imagine another sailor crashing into the shield, ask yourself if the shield will be sturdy.

Our main priority is ensuring that your shield can stand up to as much danger and potential damage for the best price on the market. We will list out all your possible options for protection and go on to recommend the best limits which aid with the proper discounts that you’re entitled to attain. And, that’s the most important reason which should guide you into speaking with an insurance specialist at our local office.

What Boat Insurance Covers And What’s Optional?

Under our policies, we aim to cover the most important aspects which truly matter to you. The following are typically covered:

  • Boat
  • Medical and even physical damage perils
  • Motor
  • Personal liability
  • Trailer

In addition, our policies cover the following boats and watercrafts and even several others which are not mentioned:

  • Bass Boat
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • Mini Jet Boat
  • Other Fishing Boat
  • Pontoon
  • Runabout
  • Sailboat

Boat Insurance Discounts

We work with several different carriers who aim to provide the most excellent insurance discounts; these go on to reduce your initial cost while giving you the best coverage in the market. The following are some favorite ways in which you can save some extra cash:

  • Have an idle assisted steering installed
  • Bundle various types of insurance
  • Paid your policy in full each year
  • Insure multiple vessels
  • If you are the first owner
  • Your driving record is clean
  • If you own a certificate from a safety course

The Howden Brokers Difference

By now we are sure that you have thought about it and you do indeed want the cheapest that is available. However, we’re also sure that you are indeed not getting everything that you had hoped for when it comes to your insurance policy. Many policies are shown as being similar to their pricing and even functionality, however, providers are still very different when it comes to composing a policy for you. So, if you’re just like the thousands of other boat loving individuals who are concerned with their financial wellbeing, you should indeed conduct a thorough investigation into what exactly you have been offered, and consider forming a reliable relationship with a guide.

Remember, there’s never any such thing as one size fits all when it comes to the insurance industry. We’re here to be your trusted neighbor. And, we aim to fully protect the ones we know and care about in the great city of Toronto. This means that we are always looking into new and improved features to protect you better, this even includes our trusted listing of companies that we represent, they are all fully responsive and affordable.