Auto Insurance

If all insurance is the same, what difference will it make where you gain your insurance coverage? Shop around for the most affordable price and head there, right? Right.

No! Think again, because there is a difference.

Auto Insurance in Ontario – Not All Policies are Created Equal

Here at Howden Brokers, we have seen our share of accidents; however, the most common of all accident claims that are most life-changing are the accidents involving automobiles.

While you may think the cheapest auto insurance is the best option, particularly if you are working on a budget, you may not be receiving all you had bargained for. Let us explain.

While the majority of insurance products are similar in their overall function and cost, the insurance providers will differ when it comes to structuring the policy that covers you as an individual.

For instance, you should make sure you have full medical coverage in the case that you accidentally injure another person, to ensure you are not overpaying any duplicate medical coverage, and if you want to have access to a rental car while your own car is “in the shop”.

Our team of auto insurance specialists we will always seek out ways to better protect you including choosing the most affordable and responsive insurance companies for your needs.

So, you may be wondering what insurance is for in the first place?

Keep in mind that a person cannot buy insurance coverage after being involved in an accident. This is why you should consider carefully the position you want to find yourself in if you should ever experience an accident. Auto insurance can act as a type of shield for any auto accidents, then imagine someone else driving into that insurance shield.

Will the shield hold?

Our job at Howden Brokers is to ensure that your shield can withstand as much damage as possible at the most affordable rate. This means you will not need to pay for out of pocket expenses or repairs. It also means you are securing your assets and income in case you are the one at fault for the accident and a lawsuit finds its way behind the shield.

Our team will show you all of the protection options available, recommend the correct limits and ensure you receive all the discounts you are entitled to including daytime running lights or bundling other forms of insurance coverage with the same insurance provider.

This is only one reason why you should consider speaking to a specialist at our local office instead of calling a salesperson directly working for a single insurance company.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover And What Is Optional?

As is mentioned, insurance should be viewed as a type of shield to protect both you and your assets in the case of injury, damage or loss caused by you or a second party. Auto insurance policy typically consists of the following types of protection options:

  • liability insurance (in case you are at fault during the accident)
  • collision insurance (in the case that your automobile is damaged by collision)
  • comprehensive insurance (in the case that your automobile is damaged by an accident other than a collision)

Additional protection can include the following:

  • medical payments (in the case were you need to pay for injuries to yourself or passengers)
  • emergency road service (in the case you are stranded on the road in your automobile)
  • uninsured motorist protection (in the case where you do not have auto insurance, despite the law stating that it is mandatory)

The Howden Brokers Difference

When shopping for auto insurance on a budget, people think they are interested in the least costly options available; however, these policies do not always give you what it says on the box. While the majority of insurance products are similar in function and price, insurance agents are different when forming a policy to suit a person’s specific needs. Remember, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy.