Auto Dealers Insurance

We don’t have to do much to explain the key risks you face as an auto dealer. Your business obliges you to keep enormously valuable assets on display in open lots and showrooms at all times. Theft is an obvious concern.

Do you have an auto dealers insurance policy that addresses the other risks you face? Are you protected against potential liabilities arising from employing people, running ordinary business operations, and welcoming hundreds of customers onto your property every month? Consider the fact that one of them might well be scheming up a fraudulent injury or omission claim.

Howden Brokers understands that every company is unique. That’s why we want to build a comprehensive business policy customized to suit your specific needs. Trust us to assemble a policy that reflects the singular challenges your business has to deal with.

Auto Dealers Insurance Coverage in Ontario

In Ontario, a comprehensive insurance policy for an auto dealer can prepare you for many different issues. All of the following risks can be covered:

  • Property Damage/Bodily Injury: Coverage against accidents occurring in an ordinary lot and garage operations
  • Garage-Owned Autos: Coverage for damage to vehicles owned by the business
  • Garage Keepers: Covers damage to customers’ autos and vehicles on your property
  • Owned Autos: Protects against ownership disagreements and similar claims
  • Hired Autos: Covers issues arising from autos rented or borrowed by your business or employees
  • Non-Owned Autos: Coverage for owners, employees, and family members while driving for either business or personal reasons
  • Temporary Substitute Autos: Covers situations where vehicle damage forces you to use temporary vehicles
  • Newly-Acquired Autos: Blanket coverage for vehicles freshly acquired in the middle of a policy period

Optional Coverage For Auto Dealers in Ontario

Howden Brokers can also provide even more thorough coverage for reasonable rates. Optional coverage options include:

  • Defective Product/Faulty Work: Protect your business from claims arising from work and parts provided to customers. This is an extension of garage liability coverage which addresses property damage to customers’ vehicles.
  • Customer Autos Actual Loss Sustained: This provides full coverage for the loss of a customer’s vehicle no matter how large the loss is.

The coverage you need can be made more affordable by combining it with your business property policy. Build your business a complete protection package!

Worried About Insurance Cost?

You don’t have to! Howden Brokers provides some of the most competitive rates for auto dealers insurance. We offer policies that are ideal for the needs of both new and used car dealerships. Howden makes it affordable to protect yourself against the risks involved in maintaining a high-value vehicle inventory whether it’s in garages or on open lots.

What Sets Howden Brokers Apart

Keeping costs down when you buy insurance is important. You don’t want to expose yourself to avoidable risk in the drive to keep your premiums down, though.

Insurance products themselves are largely interchangeable when coverage and cost are equal. Insurance providers are a different matter entirely. You need the flexibility of a provider willing to structure your policy to suit your specific needs.

Your business deserves better than “one size fits all” when it comes to insurance.

Howden Brokers is a local Ontario firm. The customers who rely on us for insurance protection are also our neighbours. We go the extra mile to deliver better products and better service to the businesses and individuals we work for. We exercise care in our selection of insurance companies so that you get both affordable and responsive service.

You’ve worked hard to build your business into something you can be proud of. Give that business the protection it deserves by working with the expert team at Howden Brokers. To get started, just click on the quote request button.